Cause Analysis of Crane Electric Hoist Not Working
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Cause Analysis of Crane Electric Hoist Not Working

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电动葫芦无法运转的原因分析 Cause Analysis of Crane Electric Hoist Not Working

、可以先检查一下设备的电源熔丝是否烧断,要是断一相的,这样其电 动葫芦就 不可能转动的起来, 起重机的电动葫芦的起动转矩为零,这样其设备的电动机就不会运转,是需要更换足够的熔丝。 1. You can first check whether the power fuse of the equipment is blown. If it is out of phase, the electric hoist will not turn. The starting torque of the electric hoist of the crane will be zero, so the motor of the equipment It will not run, it is necessary to replace enough fuses.

、还有就是电网的电压过低,这样其设备的动转矩与电压的平方是成正比的,加速转矩克服不了负载力矩,达不到运行转速,需要做的就是他要提高设备的电网电压的。 2. The voltage of the power grid is too low, so that the dynamic torque of the equipment is proportional to the square of the voltage. The acceleration torque cannot overcome the load torque and cannot reach the operating speed. All he needs to do is to improve the equipment. Grid voltage.

、定子绕组相间短路、接地或断路,这是指电动葫芦的绕组接地线出现引线接地板处,需要做的是打开接线盒检查。 3. The stator windings are short-circuited, grounded or open-circuited, which means that the winding ground wire of the electric hoist appears at the lead ground plate. What needs to be done is to open the junction box for inspection. Note that it is not possible to check the motor during a short circuit. It is also necessary to check whether the control device wiring is correct. If the contact of the AC contactor is not well connected and the line cannot be connected, then the contactor contact marks shall be ground with sandpaper. Level, and at the same time need to check the core pull-in and disconnection, whether there is jamming, if necessary, it needs to be replaced.

、还有需要注意的就是 起重机配件 电动葫芦的负载要是过大的话,就会发生不能起吊重物不能过载,也就是出现电动葫芦不能转动,解决的措施是先卸掉载荷,要是检查的电动机可以正常的起动,说明减速箱等传动机构有故障,检查被拖动机构,清除故障。 4. It should also be noted that if the load of the crane accessories electric hoist is too large, it cannot occur that the lifting weight cannot be overloaded, that is, the electric hoist cannot rotate. The solution is to unload the load first. If the motor is inspected, It can start normally, indicating that the transmission mechanism, such as the gearbox, is faulty. Check the driven mechanism to clear the fault. When running again the whole 是需要进行测试的,运行测试良好之后在投入使用。 The crane needs to be tested, and it will be put into use after running and testing well.
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