What are the dangers caused by crane overload
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What are the dangers caused by crane overload

Release date: 2016-12-02 Views: 1657

Excessive stress caused by crane overload operation can cause the wire rope to break, the transmission parts to be damaged, and the motor to be burned. Due to insufficient braking force, the brake cannot hold the brake and a major accident occurs. Overload operation is very harmful to the crane structure. The typical example is that the main beam is deflected, the upper cover plate and the web are cracked and de-welded, which brings serious hidden dangers to the safe operation of the crane.

Due to the downward deflection of the main beam, the trolley track will deform along with the main beam. When the car drives from the mid-span to the two ends, it must not only overcome the normal running resistance, but also the additional resistance caused by climbing. In severe cases, the motor of the trolley operating mechanism is burned. In addition, the car will also appear "slipping", slipping on its own, which seriously affects the lifting operation. For double-beam cranes, it also causes the trolley to operate with "three legs". Due to horizontal side bends, it also causes the phenomenon of "railing" during small runs.

Overload operation is more harmful to boom cranes, and often causes major accidents in which the boom and tower body are broken. Overload damages the stability of the crane, and also causes a vicious accident in which the entire machine capsizes.

Here, Yujia Crane reminds you that you must follow the crane's operating specifications to avoid unnecessary things. Reputation is above all else, and we must avoid any factors that are detrimental to the machine.

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