Lift and traverse PSH
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Lift and traverse PSH

Lifting speed: 4.0-5.0m / min; Traverse speed: 7.0-8.0m / min; Lifting power: 2.2KW-3.7KW; Traverse power: 0.2KW; Driving mode: motor chain ...

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Operating principle:

There are two parking spaces on the upper and lower floors. Each parking space has a loading plate. The lower parking space can be moved horizontally. The previous parking space can only be moved up and down. There is a vacant space in the lower parking space. The car board is lowered to the ground, so that the vehicle can drive in or out to achieve the purpose of parking, and the lower car board can be driven in or out directly to achieve the purpose of parking.

Use characteristics:

It can be used in basements or buildings where the floor height is not less than 3.6 meters. The site construction has strong applicability, effectively saves land and space, low construction cost, and convenient maintenance. Electric rollers and wire ropes can be selected.

, Motor reducer chain and other driving methods. With anti-roof, anti-collision protection, PLC intelligent control, simple operation and quick access to the vehicle.

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