Well-known crane manufacturer Chunhua Group reaches strategic cooperation with Wanjun Lvjian Technology Co., Ltd.
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Well-known crane manufacturer Chunhua Group reaches strategic cooperation with Wanjun Lvjian Technology Co., Ltd.

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Recently, the well-known crane manufacturer Chunhua Group reached a strategic cooperation with Wanjun Lvjian Technology Co., Ltd.

Steel structure factory building is the mainstream choice in the current factory building construction. It has the characteristics of light construction, high strength and large span; short construction period and low investment cost; high fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance; easy removal and pollution-free recycling.

As early as 1997, Hangxiao Steel Structure defeated the world's steel structure giant "One Hundred Young Steel Enterprise" Butler in the United States through the use of design scheme optimization and other technologies to create a 76,000-square-meter Shanghai FAW Group Anhui Chery engine workshop, becoming China The "first world-class business card" in the emerging construction steel structure industry.

Hangxiao Steel Structure has been deeply cultivating steel structures for 30 years, and the industrial workshops involved in the construction have long been spread in various fields. Wanjun Lvjian, as a holding subsidiary of Hangxiao Steel Structure, is a vertical field B2B e-commerce trading platform with green building materials in the entire industrial chain as its product. It is committed to providing 14 holding subsidiaries and 101 joint-stock companies for Hangxiao Group. Provide high-quality products, and also open up wider sales channels for high-quality suppliers, and promote the green and healthy development of China's construction industry.

And crane equipment is a necessary item in the construction of large-scale equipment and facilities. Chunhua lifting crane equipment has been widely recognized by the industry for its excellent product quality, leading product technology, and advanced manufacturing concept.

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is the analysis of the development environment of the industry by Wanjun Lvjian and Chunhua Crane. On the basis of multiple exchanges and consensus, focusing on the successful integration and expansion of their respective advantageous resources, it indicates that the two sides have established Comprehensive strategic partnership.

In the future, Wanjun Lvjian will spare no effort to carry out a full range of display, publicity and promotion for Chunhua Cranes, which will help Chunhua Cranes to further develop engineering channels, launch new strategic layouts, quickly increase market share and create more Development opportunities, the two sides achieve win-win cooperation.

Hefei Chunhua Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national key enterprise producing highway, railway, industrial plant bridge cranes, gantry cranes, intelligent parking garages, mechanical garages, and crane accessories.

The company covers an area of 76 acres, with a plant area of 63,000 square meters and an office building of 9,000 square meters. It is a large-scale and fully-qualified crane manufacturing enterprise in Anhui Province, and is also one of the earliest private parking garage manufacturing enterprises in Anhui Province. The company's registered capital is 289 million yuan, and product quality liability insurance is 200 million yuan.

The company has sophisticated processing equipment, complete testing facilities, four advanced modern production lines, CNC side beam cold forming equipment, CNC wave plate cold bending forming equipment, CNC lathes, CNC saws, CNC punches, large gantry boring and milling machines, Large-scale shot blasting equipment, large Kaiping equipment, four-head single-beam crane automatic welding production line, double-head double-beam crane automatic welding production line and dozens of processing equipment, can produce domestic advanced level of lifting machinery and intelligent parking garage, product marketing At home and abroad, it covers industrial and mining plants, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and communities.

At present, our company has the ability to produce 20,000 mechanical garages and 1800 sets of cranes per year. In addition, cranes and intelligent parking garages have obtained national A-level manufacturing and safety maintenance licenses. The manufacturing qualifications and the types of licensed manufacturing are leading companies in the same field.

Wanjun Lvjian promotes the development of the green building industry supply chain with the "Internet + green building" platform model. While building an online mall, it also unites a large-scale offline display center of 230,000 square meters to provide a one-stop solution for the entire industry supply chain. Program.

In the future, various products of Chunhua Crane will be launched in Wanjun Lvjian Online Mall, so stay tuned!

I believe that in the future, both parties will realize resource sharing and complementary advantages.

Resource integration, common development,

Fully promote the popularization of China's steel structure plant applications!

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