Mingfa Commercial Plaza strategic procurement machinery garage Our company successfully won the bid and became the group's strategic procurement supplier
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Mingfa Commercial Plaza strategic procurement machinery garage Our company successfully won the bid and became the group's strategic procurement supplier

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Mingfa Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. It is a large modern group enterprise with urban operation as its core, commercial real estate, residential real estate, and hotel operation as its pillar industries, and involving many fields such as industry, commerce and investment. In the process of urban planning and construction, Mingfa always plays the role of pioneer and operator of urban life development, and is one of the top 100 real estate development companies in the country. The Group has successively invested and developed Mingfa International New City, Mingfa Seaview Garden, Mingli Villa, Mingfa Binjiang New City, Mingfa Pearl Spring Resort, Mingfa International Industrial Raw Materials City in Xiamen, Nanjing and other places. Played an important role.

With this tender, our company prepared carefully and successfully won more than 4,000 mechanical garages. It also became the group's strategic centralized supplier for intelligent parking equipment, mechanical garages and other crane products.

The mechanical garage is a mobile non-independent space. It must rely on the overall operation of the machinery and the exchange of space to achieve the purpose of individual parking spaces. The parking space in the sense of ownership is a fixed independent space with a specific boundary. , Including the requirements of building area and building height, there is a large difference between the two. Mechanical parking is divided into: lifting and lateral parking equipment (PSH), vertical circulation parking equipment (PCX), roadway stacking parking equipment (PXD), horizontal circulation parking equipment (PSX), multilayer circulation parking equipment ( PDX), plane mobile parking equipment (PPY), car-specific lifts, vertical lifting parking equipment (PCS), and simple lifting parking equipment (PJS), etc.

1. Advantages of mechanical garage system The system structure has stable performance and fast transmission speed.
Can accurately distinguish between own vehicles, foreign vehicles and special vehicles.
Collect parking fees and other related fees in a timely manner to increase revenue.
Charge long-term customers' parking fees in advance.
Prevent incidents of refusal to pay parking fees.
Prevent toll collectors from engaging in fraudulent practices and charging fees.
Scrolling LED Chinese electronic display and fully automatic voice prompts make users and managers at a glance. Smart card IC (RF radio frequency induction card) does not require contact for swiping the card, making operation more convenient. Perfect financial management function, automatically form various reports. Unique license plate number entry and display system greatly improves anti-theft measures in parking lots. Automatic prompt for insufficient card storage system. The anti-smashing device can ensure that whether it is an approaching vehicle or a reversed vehicle, as long as it stays under the brake lever, the brake lever will not fall. The system can realize manual control and computer automatic control. The charging standard can be loaded at any time and at any amount, which breaks through the invariable charging standard format of similar products and can be charged on-site.
功能详解远程控制功能在管理中心,管理人员可以通过我们的电脑软件远程控制车库本身的所有动作,由于特殊原因在系统无法正常自动运行的情况下,可以人工远程分配空车位写入停车卡,取车时也可以根据电脑显示的卡内的车位信息人工控制车库将车取出。 2. Detailed explanation of mechanical garage functions. Remote control function In the management center, managers can remotely control all the actions of the garage itself through our computer software. Due to special reasons, the system can manually assign empty parking spaces to write when the system cannot run normally The parking card can also be manually controlled to take out the car according to the parking space information displayed on the card when the car is picked up.
Charge function editing For non-contact IC card, the charge is realized through the exit control machine (or temporary card reader), while the ID card is charged through the management computer, and the charge method is:
a. Duty trucks: regular payment, unlimited access within the specified validity period;
b. For temporary cards: automatic billing and manual billing by the administrator (timekeeping charge).
c. Free parking for special vehicles or when the parking time does not exceed a certain time (such as 30 minutes).
Garage parking guidance function When the car owner enters the store and saves the car, the system will guide the route of the car parking space through the electronic display. When the car owner picks up the car and forgets the location or number of the car parked in the car, he can read it on any control machine or garage card reader. Card, the system will voice the car owner's garage number and location.
Parking space information query function In our system software, real-time display of the parking conditions of all parking spaces in the garage, as well as vehicle information, can also query a vehicle owner's parking pickup records within a certain period of time and generate reports.
The function of setting the peak time of car storage. During the peak time of car storage, you can set the system to prioritize car storage. The system controls the garage to deliver the car to the passenger floor and wait for the user to save the car. The arrival level is waiting for the next user.
Voice and display prompt function The system is equipped with clear and friendly voice prompts and a large electronic display in Chinese, English and Traditional Chinese fonts.
The time permission setting function system can set a certain user to use the garage only within a certain period of time, and cannot enter the venue outside this time.
The administrator operation permission setting function system can grant different permissions to different levels of administrators, which can effectively avoid the malpractice of administrators.

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