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Aircraft manufacturing

Indoor handling of aircraft components is one of the most demanding application requirements for cranes.

With our extensive industry expertise, we provide a complete solution for safe and reliable handling and precise positioning of sensitive aircraft components. Combine applications with material handling equipment to meet process requirements and achieve significant cost savings. In aircraft maintenance, we can help our customers minimize downtime and improve business efficiency—because airplanes operate in the air and make a profit.

Application area

  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft paint
  • Routine maintenance

Aircraft manufacturing

In the aviation industry, cranes play a key role in the handling of components in aircraft plants. Our hanging cranes are used for the assembly of various components and the lifting of the entire fuselage. Because the volume of aircraft components is generally large, we need to provide lifting equipment that meets the requirements. For example, a crane equipped with a rotary trolley ensures that the components are placed correctly with millimeter accuracy. The self-locking device on the crane is used to directly transfer the components from one place in the workshop to the adjacent production area.

In addition, our cranes are also used in semi-automatic operations and fully automatic installation in aircraft manufacturing. This further improves work efficiency and safety.

Aircraft maintenance

For aircraft maintenance operations, Demag offers flexible solutions to meet changing requirements-from single-beam suspension cranes (for engine installation) to lift maintenance platforms. Multi-pivot suspension cranes connect maintenance areas of hangars with a span of more than 70 meters, making them the first choice for such applications. In addition, because these cranes are self-locking to each other, the maintenance platform can be moved from one end of the hangar to the other.

Aircraft paint

Demag suspension lift repair platforms have been tested in aircraft painting and stripping operations worldwide. This allows workers to work anywhere on the aircraft, minimizing the time required for paint stripping and painting operations. The maintenance platform is equipped with all necessary media connections; combined with a safety system, it is directly accessible during operations.

Routine maintenance

The operating cycles of each assembly line in the aircraft industry require precise timing and matching. If production proceeds in an orderly manner, cranes, electric hoists and other material handling equipment must continue to work. Professional Demag service engineers will ensure this. They can provide comprehensive technical support on site to ensure the reliable operation of the installed material handling system.

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