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office manager
招聘人数:1人 Date: 2017-12-14 Recruitment number: 1
Responsibilities: Full-time responsible for the daily work of the office, good at communication, organization and coordination. Experience in manufacturing / processing industry is preferred. Qualifications: College degree or above, economic management major is preferred. With more than two years of work experience, Feidong has priority in personnel matters, regardless of gender. Treatment requirements...
Cashier Accounting
招聘人数:1人 Date: 2017-12-14 Recruitment number: 1
Job responsibilities 1. Responsible for daily revenue and expenditure management and reconciliation; 2. Reconciliation of basic office accounting; 3. Responsible for collecting and reviewing original vouchers to ensure the legality and accuracy of reimbursement procedures and original documents; 4. Responsible for registering cash, Bank deposit journal and accurate entry into the system, preparation of bank ...
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